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 Karen's Philosophy: 

"Since health is such a key component of our relationship to ourselves, our families, our communities, and the world, the benefits of better health extend far beyond  the alleviation of current  symptoms.  True wellness allows us to be our best selves with the people we love, providing the strength to meet life's challenges and the opportunity to indulge in life's rewards."

Karen Zojaji is licensed by the State of California and earned a Diplomate of Oriental Medicine, the highest level of National Certification.

 Karen is passionate about helping people feel better!  She believes medicine should be much more than a disease management system; it should be a comprehensive wellness system, including illness prevention, health promotion, and treatment of the the underlying causes of disease.  

As part of her commitment to wellness, she offers workshops on health topics, incorporates patient education into most office visits, and continues to study extensively in the fields of conventional and alternative medicines.  To bring this medicine into underserved communities, she has volunteered her services at Charlotte Maxwell Complementary Clinic serving low-income women with cancer, and the Bay Area Veteran’s Acupuncture Clinic (BAYVAC) providing care for veterans and their immediate families.

Karen has worked in hospital-based and private-clinic settings with some of the top acupuncturists in the Bay Area. Additional training with Dr. Richard Tan, a world-renowned acupuncturist, has enabled her to further hone her treatments for maximum effectiveness.  While a student at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine,  Karen completed a rigorous four-year Graduate curriculum.  This  included extensive supervised clinical practice in Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, and Clinical Nutrition, under the tutelage of distinguished professors and prominent experts in the field.

When not in clinic, Karen enjoys spending time with family and friends, cooking up delicious healthy meals, indulging her creative side, reading non-fiction, watching independent films, and exploring local and distant destinations.