Chronic & Acute Pain: When you're in pain, your quality of life is compromised.  Acupuncture treatments can often create an immediate change in pain sensation. Whether due to recent injury/surgery or a systemic condition, Chinese Medicine--alone or in conjunction with other treatment approaches--can significantly improve your recovery time, and ultimately your quality of life. 

Gynecological Conditions: As women we experience distinct phases each month, and we go through significant hormonal shifts at several points in our lives.  While these are normal physiological processes, many factors can disrupt our cycles and natural transitions, leading to a host of difficulties.

If you're a woman who battles with problematic monthly cycles, it might seem impossible that you, too, can experience periods free of troublesome symptoms.  Good news:  Regular periods--free of pain, mood swings, digestive issues, and other cyclical symptoms--are within reach!

If you're experiencing a difficult transition into menopause, you might have been told what you're going through is "normal."  Although these may be common occurrences in many women, night sweats, brain fog, dryness symptoms, headaches, and more, all indicate that one's body is struggling to maintain a healthy balance.  Menopause doesn't have to be like this!

Disordered Moods:   Your physical and mental health are intimately intertwined.  Whether you're experiencing depression, PMS, anxiety, easy irritability, emotional flatness, or some combination of the above, there are options for helping to stabilize your emotions and improve your moods.  Since every aspect of your life is influenced by your mental and emotional state, improvements in these areas will yield significant gains for your involvement in and enjoyment of life.

Disrupted Sleep:  Sleep is critical to the optimal function of every system in your body.  When you're getting sufficient, high-quality sleep, your body has time to rest, repair, and recharge for the new day ahead.  On the flip side, insufficient sleep can make everything--from your mood, to your weight, to your memory--go thoroughly haywire.  If you're suffering from difficulty falling asleep, frequent waking, night sweats, frequent night-time urination, or early waking, it's time to stop suffering and start sleeping soundly.  




Mood & Sleep Disorders

"Insomnia was literally ruining my life!  I was so sleep-deprived and exhausted all the time that my doctor suggested I start taking anti-depressants.  That's when I knew I needed to try something different.  I've been seeing Karen for several months now, and the change in my sleep is dramatic.  I practically feel like a new woman!"

JT, Berkeley

​Gynecological Conditions

"My cramps had become so intense that I was barely able to get out of bed one to two days each month.  A friend recommended acupuncture.  Before, I couldn't even imagine a period without pain. Now, my cycles are virtually pain-free!"

​SA, Oakland

Chronic & Acute Pain

"I had just arrived home from vacation when my lower back went out. There was no way I could call in sick the next day! Luckily, I called Karen right away, and she was able to get me walking around without pain in just one visit."

MG, Albany